Fontana Gelato

Rich gelato made with produced in the prefecture ingredients

Hot Okinawa! How about to cool down your body with thick gelato? In Fontana Gelato you can always try fresh gelato because we made them on the 2nd floor workshop. Since strictly selected ingredients produced in the prefecture are used with generosity this gelato has rich taste directly received from the ingredients. We regularly carry 18 kinds of gelato so you may even get lost among them. Seasonal products may appear unexpectedly so do not miss! The most popular ones are “Dragon”, “Passion” and “Mango” that have taste with good balance of fruits and attractive flavor. Calm turquoise blue sign associated with Okinawan sea is a landmark.

2-5-36 Makishi, Naha-shi
Business hours
  • Cash (JPY)

3 minute walk from Yui rail's Makishi station