1 mile of miracles
Transit miles

"1 mile of miracles"
Every Sunday (cancelled in case of rain), from 12:00 to 18:00,
the section of Naha Kokusai-dori is about 1,300 meters
(between the prefectural office north exit intersection and Saion Bridge intersection),
and the road width is about 18 meters. It will change to a pedestrian coexistence street,
which will be a priority road for people.
On the street, we hold open cafes, street performances, various events, and Kokusai-dori Marche.
We aim to be an international street that leads to regional revitalization
through the exchange of various people!!
Past transit miles
Future transit miles

Traffic regulation section

From the prefectural office north exit intersection (Palette Kumoji)
To Saionbashi intersection (Monorail Makishi station)

You cannot enter Kokusai-dori during traffic restrictions, but Kokusai-Dori can be crossed in two places, opposite Grand Orion-Dori and from Ukishima-Dori to Paradise Dori.. In addition, roads that are in contact with Kokusai-dori, such as Okiei-dori and Ichigin-dori, can enter up to the front of Kokusai-dori, so you can use a parking lot near you.


Date and time
Every Sunday from 12:00 to 18:00 (6 hours)
Information on the start of traffic regulation by public relations vehicle
Start of traffic for visitors
Guidance for lifting traffic restrictions by publicity vehicle
Traffic regulation lifted