Jumonjiya Kimono Shop

Established in 1912 ~The oldest kimono shop on Okinawa situated in the southernmost part of Japan ~

100 years of keeping the culture of Okinawan kimono. Dealing with metropolitan kimono fabric, we carry various of kimono from ceremonial to casual ones. Making efforts in local Okinawan dyeing and weaving, Bingata dyeing, Shuri-ori textile and other are gathered.
Mainly articles made by master Shiroma (the head of Ryukyu Bingata) are presented and attractive southern kimono and belts are gathered.
Please do not hesitate to ask about stain removing, cleaning, making over and care of kimono.

2-8-6 Matsuo, Naha City, Okinawa Prefecture
Business hours
10: 00-19: 00 Closed on Wednesdays
  • Cash (JPY)
  • Credit card
    • VISA
    • Master
10 minute walk from Yui Rail Kenchomae Station