Shima-uta and Okinawan cuisine Hana Ryukyu Tenbusu Naha

Deep Okinawa experience with specialty dishes and Shima-uta live

An izakaya where you can experience deep Okinawa with Okinawan specialties and live island songs.
We have dishes using ingredients that are rare in other prefectures, such as Okinawa's specialty "Heager soup (goat meat)", "Duck soup", and "Heager sashimi".
The entrance to the red tiled roof, which is the image of the main hall of Shuri Castle on the 1st floor of Tenbusu Naha, in the middle of Kokusai-dori, is a landmark. The 2nd floor structure is divided into lively 1st floor seats where you can enjoy Shima-uta live performances and mezzanine seats with a sense of privacy.
3-2-3 Makishi, Naha City, Okinawa Prefecture Hachimine Crystal Building 1F
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