Calbee+ Okinawa Kokusai-dori

Antenna shop under direct management of Calbee that proceeds one step forward!

A lot of limited products of Calbee Plus available in Japan as well as items that can be purchased only in Okinawa Kokusai Street shop! Original Okinawan limited food menu “Sweet Poteriko”, “Potechu with brown sugar taste” and popular “Poteriko salad” are also available! You can buy the most popular in this shop “Churapote”only here! In additiona we carry various of another limited products! How about souvenirs?

3-2-2, Makishi, Naha-shi (next to Tenbusu on Kokusai Street)
Business hours
10:00~21:00 *年中無休(10:00~20:30)
  • Cash (JPY)

5 minute walk from Yui rail's Makishi station